Here are some of the things people are saying about the book:


Loving this book as we arrived in Cyprus at the same time as the author so it brings back good memories for me.


Very well written. An easy read.
Great book to read on a wet day to transport you to the sunshine.


Beautifully written - felt involved with the characters the whole way through. Captured the essence of Cyprus. Although felt it finished a bit too soon as I would liked to have found out what happened to them all.


As I am married to a now retired RAF officer I found the beginning of this story brought back some great memories and gave a good insight into the life of a military wife. Once we got into the main story I found it very difficult to put down and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't read a huge amount and only find time when away and relaxed and this was a perfect book for me. An easy, amusing and compelling read.


It is a difficult balance to write about relationships and not fall into either bodice ripping romance, or cliff hanging soap opera. With this, her first novel, Sarah Catherine Knights has avoided those pitfalls and produced a solid story. We are steeped in Emily Blackwell's life with her children and her RAF husband, and their re-posting from England to Cyprus. The complexities of her relationship with her husband, her friends, and her children is built up layer by layer. When the unexpected, unwanted happens Emily is faced with making a decision that will permanently alter not just her life, but the lives of her children and husband as well. I enjoyed reading this book, and very much look forward to more from this author.


This insightful book reveals the pleasures and trials of a military wife's life on Cyprus and will strike a chord with many women who have had to cope with the experience of living overseas far from family, friends and normality. The wide range of issues and emotions which are dealt with honestly and sensitively keep you enthralled and leave you deeply affected.


Anyone that wishes to gain an "understanding" of military life overseas, or fancies a wonderful trip to Cyprus should read this!!