The Aphrodite Trilogy


The Aphrodite Trilogy is made up of Aphrodite's Child, Now is all There is and Shadows in the Rock.  It is a story which spreads over two decades about an RAF family posted to Cyprus in the nineties. Romance, drama, family relationships, military life, reinvention, sun-soaked scenery - these books have them all.

Start your journey with Aphrodite’s Child which has 73 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars.

“I really enjoyed reading this book. I don't normally go for romantic novels but thought I'd give it a go due to it being set in Cyprus and at RAF Akrotiri in particular. I spent an amazing 4 years there in the mid '80s and this book brought back some lovely memories of this beautiful island. I'd recommend it at a good read, whether you've spent time in Cyprus or not.” 

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Aphrodite's Child

Aphrodite's Child
By Sarah Catherine Knights

When her RAF husband is posted to Cyprus for three years, Emily Blackwell jumps at the opportunity to escape her cosy life in the Cotswolds.  Embracing everything the island has to offer, she reinvents herself, only to find that this new life brings its own heartache and tragedy.  In a modern take on the myth of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Emily's experiences on Cyprus change her, and she comes to question everything she thought she knew about herself and her former existence.  But the choices she makes will affect not only her, but everyone she loves...

Aphrodite's Child is Sarah Catherine Knights' debut novel

Now Is All There Is

Now is All There Is

In the sequel to the hugely popular, Aphrodite’s Child, Emily Blackwell returns to Cyprus to try to mend her broken marriage.  She befriends and helps Beth, a young airmen’s wife, whose own life is in turmoil. 

Their paths lead them back to England, where they meet again in the rugged surfing world of North Cornwall.  Just as the Mediterranean influenced her life in Cyprus, so too does the Atlantic cast its spell over Emily’s fortunes.  Her tangled life eventually implodes and she has to face a drama that Fate has planned for her all along.  

But she finds that her Destiny is not written in the stars.  It’s within herself…

Shadows in the Rock: 3

Shadows in the Rock (Aphrodite)
By Sarah Catherine Knights

In the third book of the Aphrodite series, Abi Blackwell is a young woman desperate to escape her Devon village and start a new life as a fashion photographer in London.  The shadows of her parents’ past have haunted her life and she needs to break free.

Her new life turns out to be more difficult than she’d ever imagined.  On a shoot in Cyprus, Abi experiences both the worst and the best that life has to offer, forcing her to grow up quickly and to learn to forgive.  

But has she left it too late?



Love is a State of Mind


Anna McCarthy thought she was leading a good life, but when her husband, David, tells her he has fallen in love with someone else, she has to re-evaluate everything.  She makes some huge changes, both at home and at work and decides to visit her estranged sister in Australia.  Here, she gets a new perspective on her past, her present and her future.Along the way, she faces tragedy, new love and surprising revelations.  But most of all, she learns to accept her new life without bitterness and realises that behind the Facebook facade, nobody’s life is perfect.

Love Is a State of Mind
By Sarah Catherine Knights